2016 Finale Showcase Results

Congratulations to the GR’s Big Talent Winners!

First Place & $1,000.00: Bradley Sinclair – Vocal Soloist   Music of Bradley Sinclair

Second Place & $500.00 – Drew Alkema – Fingerstyle Guitar  Music of Drew Alkema

Third Place & $250.00 – Dylan Holmes – Vocal/Guitar Soloist  Music of Dylan Holmes

15 performers were chosen for the Gr’s Big Talent 2016 Finale Showcase on Saturday, November 12 at the Peter Martin Wege Theater – home of the Grand Rapids Ballet in downtown Grand Rapids.

Thank you to all of The Finale Showcase performers:

The Ardan Academy Irish Dance Team

Drew Alkema – Fingerstyle Guitar

Nate Altena – Vocal/Guitar

Nashon Cook-Nelson – Spoken Word

Dylan Holmes – Vocal/Guitar

Taylor Krieger – Vocal/Guitar

Skylar Mayton – Vocal/Guitar

Jaycee Peters – Vocal

Royce Robinson – Vocal

Anders Rottschafer – Vocal/Guitar

Bradley Sinclair – Vocal

Gianna Stansell – Vocal

Jason Sytsma – Piano

MaRynn Taylor – Vocal

Payton Taylor – Vocal

Check out GR’s Big Talent You Tube page for videos of the Finalists!

GR’s Big Talent Audition Performances


Join us for GR’s Big Talent 2017!

GR’s Big Talent is sponsored by GR After Hours – a non-profit organization which seeks to build communication and community between our residents & visitors, and promoting our downtown hospitality & cultural venues in Grand Rapids.

Press Contacts:

  • Chris Koens – chris@grsbigtalent.com
  • Scott Riemenschneider – scott@grsbigtalent.com
  • GR’s Big Talent – info@grsbigtalent.com

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